The use of compostable cups as part of the tournament sustainability plan

The Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell organization has acted to achieve the ISO 20121 certificate, an international voluntary standard for the management of sustainable events, in order to minimize the loss of environmental resources, benefit the environment and enhance positive impacts. They are the following:

Compostable glass made of corn will be used with the aim of reducing plastic waste. They will be discarded in organic containers distributed throughout the facility. With the total of the glasses collected during the 9 days of the tournament a compound will be made for the germination of plants.

Another of the most notable actions of this edition is the prohibition of smoking. Our goal is to be a smoke-free event with the purpose of encouraging healthy habits.

A bicycle parking guarded by security personnel will be sited within the facilities of the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell to enhance their use by both visitors and workers. By using non-motorized vehicles, we are able to reduce both CO2 and noise emissions, while promoting healthy habits. In addition, everyone who comes to the tournament by bicycle will receive a bottle of water and a piece of fruit.

On Sunday, April 22, blood may be donated at the tournament facilities. Donors will be given with a ticket for that day and another to choose between Monday or Tuesday, plus a draw for the day of the final.

In the restaurant service of the Real Club Tenis Barcelona bottles are served that can be reused after a proper cleaning. The suppliers of the different drinks are responsible for taking them the same day they make the delivery to reduce transport costs.

Another sustainable action that is carried out within this project is drip fed irrigation. All plant areas of the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell follow this action in order to reduce water consumption.

With respect to household appliances, appliances with the maximum energy efficiency of category equal to or greater than A will be used and the use of those containing R-22 refrigerant gas will be prohibited.

The cleaning schedule has been modified to take advantage of natural light and thus reduce electricity consumption in the lighting of the facilities as well as noise and light pollution.

In order to make the visitor aware of the importance of the triple R, reduce, reuse and recycle, a mural that will be completed with used balls that will draw the shape of the three R.

The caps of the bottles and soft drinks will be separated from the rest of the waste and will be donated to a charitable cause. The consumer will already receive drinks without caps for security reasons and to avoid an extra residue for the cleaning service.

The suppliers and sponsors of the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell are committed to sustainability in terms of transport using low emission or electric vehicles. The official transport of the tournament, Peugeot, will use low emission vehicles and the water supplier Sant Aniol already uses an electric fleet.

To ensure the execution of all these sustainable practices there will be a group of people dedicated to review compliance in addition to carrying out a series of activities for the viewer to get involved in the sustainable event project. Some of the members of this group are people at risk of social exclusion from l’Espai d’inclusió de Les Corts.