Barcelona Biosphere Tourism Sustainability Commitment Award for the tournament

The Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell has been awarded with the distinction to the Commitment for the tourist sustainability of Barcelona Biosphere in recognition of its non-aggressive tourism model, satisfying the current needs of tournament visitors without compromising future generations.

Since 1995, Barcelona Biosphere advises and distinguishes tourism companies that are committed to responsible management and respect for the environment, working conditions, gender equality and culture, thus promoting a more sustainable business model in the city of Barcelona.

With the aim of reducing the environmental impact, the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell has focused on recycling, following the Zero Waste movement, as well as on the reduction of energy and water consumption, the generation of waste or noise pollution and light. The organization also works on the social impact of the tournament, such as accessibility and mobility, security or the legacy to the community, and the economic one, among which are the benefits to local businesses, innovation or satisfaction.

In this sense, during the last two editions of the tournament, more than 50,000 compostable cups of corn were used in each of them and in 2019 the condition of non-smoking event was declared. In addition, an exhaustive control of different indicators was carried out in order to calculate the carbon footprint to know exactly the impact that the tournament has on the environment. This is a new challenge for the next edition, which is expected to continue growing in this area.

The Biosphere certificate, which has been awarded to 50 pioneer Spanish companies in the implementation of sustainable models, establishes quality criteria on the environment, social responsibility, conservation and preservation of heritage and the relationship with the environment, in addition to satisfaction of visitors, among other issues. This certification guarantees an adequate long-term balance between the economic, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions of a destination, reporting significant benefits for the entity itself, society and the environment.

The award ceremony took place on December 9 at the Modernist facility of Sant Pau in Barcelona and the commissioner for the 2030 Agenda at the City Council of Barcelona, ​​Miquel Rodríguez attended the ceremony.