The Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell adjusts its ‘prize money’

After the cancellation of the 2020 edition due to the impact of the pandemic, the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell has confirmed the organization of the 2021 edition and it will be done with an adjusted ‘prize money’ of € 1,702,800 due to the circumstances. Therefore, Barcelona adapts to be able to continue with the tournament despite the current predicament.

The new distribution of prize money will be sensitive to the base of tennis and the difficulties experienced by the players who fall in the first rounds. That is why the greatest economic decline will occur in the final rounds with the highest prizes. That is, the first round goes from € 10,185 of the last edition to € 8,700 this year and the winner of the tournament will win € 178,985 instead of € 503,480.

The distribution of prize money and the ATP points that are distributed this year are as follows:


Champion           178,985 euros    500 points

Finalist                111,600 euros   300 points

Semifinal               69,840 euros  180 points

Quarterfinal          42,180 euros     90 points

Round 16              24,900 euros     45 points

Round 32              14,700 euros     20 points

Round 48                8,700 euros      —


Champion             58,500 euros   500  points

Finalist                  39,300 euros  300  points

Semifinal              26,100 euros   180 points

Quarterfinal          17,100 euros     90 points

Round 16              10,800 euros     —