Smoke-free tennis

It is the first ATP tournament to be held outdoors and in which cigarettes and e-cigarettes  are not welcome. And it is not a novelty of 2021. The Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell already made this decision in 2017, voluntarily and despite the thousands of square meters in which the different courts are distributed, and where spectators can experience closely watching the tennis of the best tennis players in the world. But none of those fans can smoke or use e-cigarettes, it is not permitted anywhere in the venue.

It is not the only measure that the tournament management adopts each year, in a clear commitment to sustainability and good practices to take care of the environment. The implementation of a whole series of actions during the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell demonstrates the continuity of this defense of the healthy practice of sport. And that has already served to obtain the ISO 20121 certificate and the recognition of this commitment by Barcelona Biosphere in its contribution to the tourism sustainability of the Catalan capital.

Dr. Antoni Trilla, head of the preventive medicine and epidemiology service at the Hospital Clínic and health advisor for the tournament, highlights that in the current context of a pandemic, a space such as the Real Club de Tenis Barcelona without smoke and without the social practice of smoking among several acquaintances reduces the chances of transmission.

For its part, the Tokyo Olympics, to be held next summer, will also be the first Olympics in which smoking will be prohibited in all venues. A whole message so that more and more groups, entities and citizens join the necessary care of the planet.