Thousands of cups … but all compostable

In a tournament the size of the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell, with numerous tennis players, fans and workers spending many hours in the venue, the number of water bottles and glasses that can be used each day can be very high. But, in one more example of the tournament management’s commitment to sustainability and solidarity, Font Vella and Estrella Damm have implemented good practices that respect the environment and thinking of those most in need.

In the case of the thousands of bottles of water that are consumed these days, there are hundreds of bins, built with cardboard, to recycle all the empty bottles. And, in addition, next to where one can buy a bottle or where to recycle it, one can leave the cap in a separate container, which is collected for solidarity causes.

Regarding the cups, the direction of the tournament made the decision three years ago that all containers should be compostable. There would be no exceptions. So all the cups that Estrella Damm distributes are made of corn and are thrown into the organic container, eliminating completely the possibility of accumulating the 50 thousand plastic cups that are used during the competition for future recycling.

At the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell it is clear that during an entire tournament like the one held in the Catalan capital, it cannot be left out with regards to the caring of the planet. Reducing waste or eliminating it in the most efficient and sustainable way is a task with enormous benefits for present and future generations.