What do tennis players eat?

That players take more and more care of their diet is not a secret. Each time we look more closely at what ingredients can best suit each player and there are even tennis players who have evolved a lot in the ranking as a result of, for example, stopping eating food that they’ve been eating all their lives. But what exactly do the stars of the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell eat?

“Basically salmon, veal, pasta and rice” explains Carlos Vera, restaurant manager at the Real Club de Tenis Barcelona and who sees every day of the tournament what the tennis players ask for when it’s team to eat. The players make it easy for the 35 people who prepare and serve the dishes. Foreigners appreciate (with devotion) that there is paella. And none is allowed fats or sauces, everything grilled. Of course, some croquette is on the plate if the tennis player has already finished his match “They sin a little,” confesses Vera, who also highlights the good atmosphere and how grateful most of the tennis players are.

One of the great and welcomed novelties this year in the player’s restaurant is the corner where the players can help themselves to smoothies and cut fruit. “Signature melon” and “Watermelon foodie” create the ‘snacks’ that Nadal and company are devouring every day. “Nutritional shakes are the most demanded, such as melon with lemon or apple” says Marta Rafa, responsible for these delicious drinks. The shakes are made upon request and they differ a lot if they are to be taken before training (without milk, among other things) or after a match (in this case with nuts, for example). Marta adds: “The players ask with interest. They try to avoid sugar and, once they try these shakes, they have them again”. The best proof that healthy and delicious can go side by side in the same recipe.