Rafa finds another gear

Many said that the cold of the preceding days did not play to his advantage. That, if the sun shone as it did today with the books and the roses of Sant Jordi, Nadal’s level would increase. And that, with two matches and six sets already on his legs, he would accelerate the pace. He would find another gear, and he did.

It also happened that Norrie tried to emulate Ivashka from the first set of the first match of the Majorcan. Play Russian roulette, risk it all. Play without complexes. But this time there was no luck. Nadal performed with superiority, he was not going to make room for surprises. Despite the exchange of breaks late in the second set, the Spaniard was never in danger.

Throughout the match there were great points that the eleven time champion of the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell had not executed during this tournament. But he just needed some match play, and the crowd was delighted with the performance of its favourite player. Let’s not forget that Nadal, whenever he can brings out the best of his repertoire.



Credit to Norrie, he was brave and he tried. He was aware that the contest would not be easy and facing many factors. Rafa, without cold and without clouds, glides better. He hits better. He plays better. The sun came to shelter him precisely on what for many is the most beautiful day of the year in Barcelona. And, you can never count Nadal out when you are ready to enjoy beautiful things.