A place for parents and children

In a tournament with 70 years of history behind it, settled in a club that exudes both tradition and experience, it is normal for tennis players and all those who enjoy the best moments on the courts to feel like part of a family. Hence, stringers, court maintenance staff or cooks know the players well.  Understand them. And know their needs, their food preferences or even their hobbies by heart.

That is why many tennis players do not hesitate to go to the facilities of the Real Club de Tenis Barcelona with their families. And even, once they have had children, they have also taken them so that from their pushchairs they can experience the tennis atmosphere that is breathed throughout the club. In the case of Roberto Bautista or Feliciano López, for example, they have been seen these days with their little ones in their arms, once they had finished their training sessions or their matches. The tennis players that despite the face mask, had a smile on their faces.

Then those babies grow and jump on the court even to play, and emulating their parents. Borg’s son already does it, so nobody rules out that in future editions one will get to read in the draw illustrious surnames of players that we see these years contest and win on the clay of RCTB-1899.