XI Medical-Scientific Conference organized by the Mapfre Clinic Tennis Medicine

Dr. Ruiz Cotorro, Medical Director of the Official Medical Services of the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell Conde de Godó, and Dr. Josep Costa, Director of the RCTB-1899, inaugurate the Conference.

At the MAPFRE Tennis Medicine Clinic we are committed to sport as a source of health and as a means of social integration. This is the 11th Medical-Scientific Conference we have held during the Open Banc Sabadell Conde de Godó at the facilities of the Real Club Tenis Barcelona- 1989.

In this edition, we have shown the importance of sport as a social integrator, joining the work being done by the Barcelona Tennis Foundation, which is dedicated to introduce more than 100 children to sport, who otherwise would not have the opportunity to practice sport.

Dr. Serra Grima, CMMT Cardiologist, has shown his social commitment by presenting a program in which he has demonstrated that with effort, will and a medical prevention plan, it is possible to achieve sporting and vital objectives. It all began when, in his office, children with leukemia told him that they did not practice sports as a precaution, for fear that something might happen to them. The Doctor demonstrated that sport can be adapted to the child and that it is not the child who has to adapt to sport.

The plan started with a small group of leukemia patients until it was implemented. He has succeeded in getting all children with cancer to practice sport. Also, once the pathology is resolved, the child has no problem practicing sport normally.

But that was not enough for Dr. Serra Grima, who continued to add challenges. Sport helps in recovery and integration.

The inmates of Can Brian prison proposed to run the Barcelona Marathon in 2019. Dr Serra Grima was in charge of carrying out the necessary medical tests so that the participants would not run any health risks. Under the supervision of Dr Ruiz Cotorro, in the MAPFRE Clinic of Tennis Medicine, stress tests, analytical tests, electrocardiograms…that is, all the essential tests for the realization of this test controlling all health parameters were performed. Dr Pedro Galilea, sports doctor of the CMMT, collaborated with Dr Serra Grima in carrying out the tests.

Maria Esparza, physical trainer of the penitentiary center, played a fundamental role in maintaining the inmates physically and mentally during the preparation of the race, since these are people who live in a small environment with limited space and time.

One of the interns who played an outstanding role in this challenge was Willian Rodriguez. During the day, he described all the steps taken in prison to achieve his goal and how each advance in the sport was a learning experience for him as a person and a life lesson. He moved the attendees at the event.

Kelly Ferry, Bachelor of Physical Education, reinforced the arguments and reminded attendees of all ages and physical conditions, the importance of sport to maintain a healthy and active life.

As a final conclusion, the RFET provided the testimony of Police Inspector Óscar Pérez, who analyzed the current situation in the fight against match-fixing in sport.

Ángel Ruiz Cotorro, Manager of the MAPFRE Clinic of Tennis Medicine, closed the talks by thanking MAPFRE, the Open Banc Sabadell Conde de Godó and the RFET for their collaboration in the organization of these conferences, highlighting the social work they carry out. He also concluded with the message that we should all practice sport, individualizing it to each circumstance.