What does a tennis player do when it rains?

On a day of continuous rain like today, professional tennis players have to be ready to jump on the court as soon as it stops raining. Those are the rules. But… until then? Grigor Dimitrov says that he spends part of lost hours shopping online, listening to music or catching up with some friends, while David Marrero prefers to chat with other players  about topics or issues that they don’t always have to do with tennis. The tennis player from La Palma, confesses that more than one day, after walking up and looking through the window and seeing the rain pouring down, he has called the organization of the tournament he was playing to confirm the suspension of the matches… for, immediately afterwards, go back to bed.

 Casper Ruud, second favorite at the current Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell, assures that he copes well on rainy days, that he is usually patient. And that playing cards is his first hobby to cope with so much waiting. Quite the opposite of Albert Costa, former director of the tournament, who was one of those who asked every five minutes if it would stop raining so he could finally start playing. And while that moment arrived… to play Parcheesi. David Ferrer, the current head of the tournament, was one of those he used to read. “You feel like playing but you can’t do anything,” he explains.

 Board games, reading or chats, all without the usual rush, are some of the most usual distractions by players who, yes, have their whole bodies activated as soon as the sky opens. As soon as they are told that they have to do what they are so good at. Play… and do it as we are used to.

BARCELONA, SPAIN – APRIL 20: ATP Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell at the Real Club de Tenis Barcelona on April 20, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Pedro Salado/Quality Sport Images)