Getting to the RCTB… by bike or scooter

Come rain or shine, the management of the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell is committed to sustainability. And one of the ways to fight for a healthier planet, from an event that brings together thousands of people over nine days, is precisely to encourage viewers to attend the tournament in an environmentally friendly form of transport. Like the scooter or the electric bicycle.

For this reason, since 2017, a parking lot for scooters and bicycles was made available to fans with a triple reward for those who play sports, precisely, on their way to a sporting event such as the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell. Parking is free and a few meters from the main entrance of the tournament. And everyone who reaches the RCTB in this healthy way is given a piece of fruit and a bottle of water. And it is that food, of course, is also an essential part of a healthy life.

The result of this initiative could not be more efficient. Surroundings with fewer crowds and quieter. A healthier air, with less CO2. And the feeling that this battle will be won by all of us… so that we can all enjoy a better life.