The court maintenance staff, between relief and effort

After more than 24 hours of intense rain on the RCTB facilities, during which they could do nothing but look at the different radar applications and wish the rain would stop as soon as possible, the court maintenance staff woke up today with a lovely blue sky that gave them a truce… to be able to work.

Because, once the rain stopped, the crew of more than ten workers who load, distribute, “comb” and smooth tons and tons of clay on the different courts of the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell have gotten down to work. And, once again, they have left the different stages in an optimal state for the kings of clay to run, slide and hit from any corner of each court. Without the slightest danger, without the slightest complaint.

They keep saying it: the sky can make a day that might seem placid seem bitter. That is not why they are going to stop giving their all with a professionalism worthy of admiration. With Julio Palomo at the helm, all the staff do a job that sometimes goes unnoticed, but without which the tournament would not enjoy the prestige that it has. And, if the rain drops fall again, surely they will be willing to wait there… and leave everything as before the rain. As if nothing had happened.