The King of YouTube, King of the Hospitality

The famous youtuber Ibai Llanos left that room in which millions of people see him immersed in his broadcasts and has arrived at the hospitality of the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell this afternoon to enjoy first-hand the atmosphere of the best clay court tennis of the moment.

Llanos, the same one who draws more than eight million people on his YouTube account, arrived at the RCTB wearing an immaculate white sweatshirt, and greeted the many tennis fans who wanted to shake hands and even have a ‘selfie’ with one of the best-known faces on social networks.

The youtuber explained that he was very happy to step on the RCTB and to see people “without masks, it is a great joy, that everything returns to normal, which is good news for everyone”.

Llanos was accompanied by several friends and with them he shared the desire to watch Carlos Alcaraz’s match up close at some point during the day, one of the great attractions of the tournament. “He’s the good one, isn’t he?”, He asked while he admitted that a while ago he was more aware of the evolutions of the world of tennis.

Although his commitments deprive him of seeing more tennis matches than he would like, Llanos has insisted that today he has felt “like in 2019, when he saw and enjoyed so many things normally”. When life was that. Just life.