FAQ – Ticketing | Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell

FAQ – Ticketing

When do the doors open at the Tournament?

The tournament facilities open one hour before the start of the first match, usually around 10am. Please check the tournament website and our smartphone APP for exact information on the daily opening hours. 

When are the matches scheduled?

Match times will be assigned by the ATP Supervisors. During the first rounds, Monday to Wednesday, matches usually start at 11am. On Thursday and Friday we expect starting about 12am. Finally, on Saturday semi-finals and Sunday finals we expect starting not before 1pm. All this schedule can be modified by weather conditions and/or Tournament needings. For exact information, please check out the schedule at the end of the previous competition day, at our website and APP.

When does the singles final start?

This year 2020 the singles final schedule is not defined yet, but probably at 4pm.. The doubles final is usually held before the singles final on the Center Court, probably at 1pm. Once again, please check out the schedule at the end of the previous competition day. 

How many matches can I watch with my Ticket or Event Pass?

You have purchased a daily ticket, which means that you can watch every match at the Tournament on the day indicated on your ticket. However, you have only a reserved seat on the Center Court. Courts 1, 2 and 3 have limited seating (first come, first served). If you purchased an Event Pass you will get the same seat booked for all the dyas, but only booked at the Central Court.

I have deleted the e-mail with my tickets. What can I do?

With your “username” and “password”, you can print out the tickets at the official tournament website, www.barcelonaopenbancsabadell.com or donwload the file and save it on your smartphone or tablet to access the tournament.

Do kids access the tournament facilities for free?

Regardless of age, nobody is allowed to access the Center Court without a valid ticket or event pass. However, kids under five who are accompanied by an adult are allowed to enter the tournament facilities, including Courts 1, 2 and 3, for free. 

What happens if it rains?

Tennis is very sensitive to weather conditions such as strong wind and rain. If it rains, the umpires will decide if the match will be continued or suspended. The priority of the ATP is to conclude the matches. If a match has to be suspended, it will be played on the following day, but the tickets of the previous day are not valid anymore. If no match is played for at least 60 minutes on one of the courts, tournament organizers will return the full amount of the ticket and the proportional amount of the event pass. 

If the final must be held on Monday due to suspension, tickets of the previous day are valid and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Why can’t I open the Center Court map properly? 

Please try opening the map using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Do you provide seating for disabled tennis fans? 

Tournament organizers provide sufficient space for four disabled guests and their companions on the corner of stands C and E, close the C4 sector displayed at our map available at the "information" label. The price for this places is the same as the stand C.

All these tickets should be purchased by our ticket hotline (+34) 93 642 52 41 or by mail info.barcelonaopenbancsabadell@ctoc.es

Parking is also provided for disabled guests.

Which is the sunny side of the Center Court and on which side is the chair umpire located?

The sunny side is on stands A and B while the chair umpire is located on the side of stands C and D. 

Can I exchange my purchased tickets?

Once purchased, tickets cannot be returned. Please double-check your reservation before purchasing the tickets.