You can see the opening hours of the venue in this link. The opening hours of the venue are one hour before the start of the first match of the day.

You can see the order of play each day in this link. For greater accuracy, you can consult on this website and on the Tournament APP, the final schedules at the end of the day prior to your visit.
All buyers are sent an email the afternoon before the day of entry, with the order of play and match times.

In sporting events, having a ticket for the tournament cannot be claimed as a permit to exceed the curfew time, according to current Procicat regulations. So, if the matches of the day have not have not finished, the tournament will close its doors to the public at 9:00 p.m.

No, having a ticket for the tournament cannot be claimed as a permit, according to current Procicat regulations.

The scheduled time for the start of the singles final in this 2021 edition is scheduled at 4:00 p.m.
The doubles final is usually played prior to singles final, probably at 1:00 p.m., also on the Rafa Nadal Court.

Wednesday is the day when the second round of the tournament begins and therefore the top seeds  (with a bye in the first round) begin their participation. Although a couple of seeds will have started the day before, Tuesday, most (among them Rafa Nadal) will start on Wednesday.

The schedules and distribution of the matches are decided the previous afternoon by the ATP supervisor, once defined they are published daily on the web and sent by mail to all buyers (the afternoon before the day purchased).

You can see the order of play in this link.

You can see the draws in this link.

The draw for the singles draw, which will define the match-ups, takes place on the Saturday before the Tournament. From this draw, the side on which each player advances and the possible match-ups is defined. But the schedules of each match are NOT defined, that is defined the afternoon before each day by the ATP supervisor (daily “order of play”).

In our Tournament we have daily matches each day of the event, this means that you can watch any match that is played on the day, on any of the Tournament courts. But only on the Centre Court there is a reserved seat, therefore, court 1 can be accessed according to the capacity available at that time.

On court 1 we will have 4 differentiated sections, each attendee corresponds to the sector of court 1 according to their seat row in the centre court.

  • Rows 1.2. and 3 of your centre court seat will go to section marked 1.2.3 of court 1.
  • Rows 4.5 and 6 of your centre court seat will go to section marked 4.5.6 of court 1.
  • Rows 7.8.9 and 10 of your centre court seat will go to section marked of court 1.
  • Rows 11.12.13 and 14 of your centre court seat will go to section marked of court 1.

In this 2021 we have NO DAILY TICKETS

In 2021 you will NOT be able to see the matches of courts 2 and 3 of the tournament.

No one can access the Centre Court without their corresponding ticket, regardless of their age. However, children under 5 years of age, accompanied by an adult, will have free access to the venue and the secondary courts (court 1, 2 and 3) as long as capacity allows it. In any case, like most Tournaments, we advise against the presence of young children, both due to the concentration of the athletes and the wear and tear that weather conditions and extended hours can produce in children.

In case of rain, it is the tournament referee who decides whether the match starts, continues or is postponed. The priority of ATP tournaments is the play and completion of the matches, which is why, if necessary, the order and schedule of the same can be altered, to facilitate the end of play of the day.

In the event that a match could not be completed or did not start during the scheduled day, it would be transferred to the next day, the tickets for the suspended day NOT being valid.

In the event that a minimum of 60 ‘is not played on any of the tournament courts, the Organization will return the full amount of the tickets and the proportional part of the daily tickets.

Only in the event that the suspended day was that of the Sunday finals, there is the possibility that the Organization will move the matches to Monday, in which case the Sunday tickets are valid and there is no refund or any claim.

In order to receive the corresponding refund, it must be requested at the Tournament facilities on the same day of the suspension, presenting proof of purchase in any case. Claims submitted after that date will not be accepted.

The refund of the amount will be made through the same payment method used in the purchase. In case of having paid in cash, the refund will be made at the tournament box office, within a period of two or three days after the suspended day. The Tournament Organizer will only reimburse the amount of the tickets, after deducting the management expenses, not being responsible for any other expenses such as, by way of example and merely expository, hotels, travel, meals, diets, etc.
In the event that the requested refund is for a daily ticket, the proportional part of it will be returned, following the price scale corresponding to the tickets.

The stands that have the sun for a longer period of time are stands A and B. While the referee and the players are on the side of stands C and D.
In 2021, the public, for the moment, can only buy in sector C3 in tribune C. The rest of the sectors are intended for other groups.

In the lower left corner of tribune C, the Tournament has 3 seats adapted for disabled people with wheelchairs, with another 3 seats for their companions (on a high stool). The price corresponds to the price for tickets to tribune C.

In addition, we also have parking spaces for adapted vehicles. The purchase of these tickets is made exclusively by telephone.
If the disabled person does NOT use a wheelchair, but still needs this type of location, we can provide a standard chair.

The purchase of any ticket is firm and final, no refund or cancellation is allowed.

NO. In 2021 there will not be the popular Village area, only a Hospitality Area, which is a restaurant for sponsors.
Anyhow, in the venue there are several restaurant areas for the general public.

For reasons of COVID protocol in 2021 there is NO place to store personal items such as clothing, motorcycle helmets, or suitcases.

In general, the unauthorized use of photographic or recording equipment that is not intended for personal use is prohibited. Flash photography and the use of tripods are not allowed. The use of mobile phones during the course of matches, video cameras and laptops is also prohibited.

Yes, you can request it at reservas@barcelonaopenbancsabadell.es

The only official ticket sales channels are the ones listed below:

  • Main sales channel through the tournament website: www.barcelonaopenbancsabadell.com.
  • Telephone sales at the number assigned by CTOC: 935 500 751
  • This year there are NO lockers.

With this print you will be able to directly access the Tournament without having to exchange it for any other document. But it is essential that the printing of your tickets or season tickets is perfectly legible.

WE RECOMMEND, by COVID protocol, accessing the venue with the pdf file on your smartphone or tablet, without having to print it.

If you have printed your tickets or season tickets on several occasions, only the first person who shows up at the entrance to the Tournament will be able to access, access being denied to those who show up later with the same tickets or tickets printed.