Nadal adds a replica of the Conde de Godó trophy for his 10 triumphs | Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell

Nadal adds a replica of the Conde de Godó trophy for his 10 triumphs

At his academy in Manacor the Rafa Nadal museum now houses a second replica trophy as testament to his 10 triumphs at the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell. Nadal received his first replica in 2009 commemorating his fifth victory. Today Albert Agustí, president of the Real Club Tennis Barcelona (RCTB), and Javier Godó, Count of Godó, presented the Majorcan legend with an identical replica.

"I'm very excited about this second big trophy here, but there will be no more", explained Nadal in a private ceremony in which his family was present. Nadal, who will play his 14th Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell in April, would need at least another five years to repeat this feat.

Agustí, on the other hand, has encouraged him to achieve it: "You will have to dedicate more space in your museum because I am sure that it does not end with these 10 trophies". On the other hand, Javavier Godó remembered that they wanted to shield the trophy so that they could not take it easily: "But with you it has not been possible", he told Rafa. In between 2005 and 2017 he has won the tournament 10 times, a figure that no other tennis player in the history of tennis has reached in any calendar competition.

From today, the two trophies of the Count of Godó rest in the gallery of the museum next to the 10 small reproductions in that the winner gets each year.